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Cascadia Hockey Podcast

May 22, 2019

Another soapbox this week...go figure! The angry bearded hockey fans from the upper left corner share their insights on a subject that really gets them fired up...bad fans. There is fun in the great rivalries, not in the hatred of individuals. Hear our take and share yours with us. Ferda!

May 15, 2019

Not a lot of ear-popping headlines this week, but things to talk bout nonetheless. The CHL playoffs have wrapped and teams are now on to the Memorial Cup. NHL Conference Championships are in full swing. And, oh yeah, the "circle game" is now a white supremacist thing? WTF? We rant about that and other worldly...

May 8, 2019

A special treat this week! The boys got a chance to sit down with WHL All-Star and all around good guy, Parker AuCoin. We get his take on the NHL playoffs, the importance of billet families to junior hockey, and one of the best "chirps" he has heard on the ice. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the best hour of your week. Ferda!

May 1, 2019

Because man does not live on hockey alone...we also decided to mix in a little foodie talk in this episode. Your favorite taco truck? We talk about ours. The "Ghost of Broken Brackets" makes an appearance, and our "Chirp of the Week" is harsh...just BRUTAL! Check it out. Ferda!



Apr 24, 2019

At this point, most people's picks are out the window. And you know what? We say, AWESOME! This has been one of the most exciting playoffs in recent history, and we're just wrapping up round one! We talk about it...and we share some insight into the sights and sounds of Seattle...because you know, that is going to be...